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First article of Chiro - Canto

What is Chiro-Canto ? Here is an attempt to make this point clearer...

What is Chiro-Canto

Chiro-Canto is a new website that forms an alternative to, adapted for Chiroptera taxon.

Who is behind Chiro-Canto

Chiro-Canto is developped by Samuel ORTION, a juvenile Geekus biologicus. If you want to participate to its development, do not hesitate to fork and edit the git repository.

Source code and license

Chiro-Canto is available under the GNU Affero GPL v3 license at

Who can use Chiro-Canto

Chiro-Canto is open to every one.

What is the purpose of Chiro-Canto

Chiro-Canto, as an alternative of Xeno-Canto, aims to offer a set of tools that proposes a support on acoustic identification through its forum and sound sharing plateform.

Published on 5 April 2021

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